Hotas deadzone in game but not in the game-control setup in windows.

Hey Guys.

I have a really annoying issue.
I am using a Z52 Pro Hotas set up with 0 center deadzone for each axis in the game settings.
But still the game adds center deadzone.

So, I troubleshooted this by opening up the windows game controller settings window on my second monitor to see the joystick axis sensor actually move in realtime as I try it in the game.

I noticed that the deadzones are only in the game but not in the windows controller setting window.
So my conclusion is that the game is adding deadzone where none is wanted.

Do you guys have any solution for an issue like this.
I really want that deadzone gone completely.

Best Regards


  • Tori_HanzoTori_Hanzo Member Posts: 5
    additionally, the sensitivity-settings are not working at all.
    either they break the input entirely resulting in no movement at all or it works but waay too fast at 1.0 sensitivity.
  • Hello!
    About the deadzones, there is a default minimum deadzone in the current build, that is intended for gamepads but not for HOTAS input. We have added a new menu option for smooth controller input (without the minimum deadzone), coming with the next patch in 2-3 weeks. Hope that solves it for you!
  • Tori_HanzoTori_Hanzo Member Posts: 5
    Thank you!
  • Tori_HanzoTori_Hanzo Member Posts: 5
    Is there any way to be actively notified when such a patch comes out?

    I have put the game on pause until then.
  • I believe that if you follow a game on Steam, you'll get a notification of news and updates.
  • Tori_HanzoTori_Hanzo Member Posts: 5
    Sadly still having a lot of issues with the controller.
    Sometimes the pitch is inverted randomly then sometimes it is not (this changes in the middle of playing)
    And the deadzone is still not fixed.

    I tried checking if this game is an "Alpha-Release" or an actual release but could not find any info related to that.
  • About the deadzones, make sure that "smoothen input" is switched off in the controller options in the current release version.
    A random inversion of pitch sounds like there is a calibration issue however. But make sure you have smoothing off first.
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