Objects spawn too far, and other bugs

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Posting to report some strange things I found:
1- Upon entering an area, I spotted several objects (credits and more, things that usually drop from a destroyed enemy) far away, aprox. 106km away, definitely outside the safe zone.
2- In an area where there were solar storms, I hid inside a derelict for protection, and the enemies that were circling around (two outlaws - one scout and one fighter mk2) just stood outside without having any damage to their shields. I popped the shields out of the scout with a thermo gun (using cover) and he got no damage to hull too, even under the solar storm effect.
3- Took my ship inside an electric storm. As expected I got shield damage, but after that, the electric storm also damaged my hull. Is that normal? I thought electric storms only destroyed the shields)

Thanks for this wonderful game. I hope this report helps in making it even better.


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    Here's another. This time is just an ore spawn at 165km away

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    Hi, thanks for reporting.

    I cannot reproduce issues 2 and 3.
    2 - Are you sure that the ships outside where not behind some cover (e.g. the derelict)asteroid? If they are not directly hit by the light emitted by the sun (if they can't see the sun) they won't be affected by it.
    3 - Are you sure that youd did not receive the damage from a different source, I can't reproduce the problem
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    I'll try to find the same circumstances again and recheck.
    Thanks for the reply.
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    Here goes another update. This time, when collecting gas from mining discs, one of them spawned around 12km away, and with vector speed that sent it farther and farther until "oblivion".
    The funny thing... a mining drone decided to fetch it, and went into the system's sun. Both of them going and going and going... LOL
    Here are some pics of the event.

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    Oh, right, the culprit was missing:

    To note, I am playing with graphics resolution in medium. Don't know if this has something to do with object hitboxes...
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