New graphics setting to enable enhanced PhysX support on PCs?

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I bought the game a few days ago, thank you again for your amazing job there!

I've come across a message from one of the developers saying that the PhysX effects in the game were tuned down from the original Alpha due to performance reasons. Since modern GPUs have no issues whatsoever with the game, even on maximum settings, would it be possible for you to add a new graphics option to enable the PhysX settings originally used in the Alpha?
Consider this GIF:

In the current game, the asteroid chunks have no visible PhysX effects, and I guess the same happened to other objects across the game. Two settings options like these would be perfect:

HIGH - the current settings used in the game
EPIC - the original PhysX effects shown in the GIF

According to the developers, the changes were just to "tone down some PhysX settings and to disable the PhysX effects on some rigid bodies" (like those asteroid chunks), so I assume it should be reasonably easy to revert those changes under a new graphics settings, right?
I hope you'll consider adding something like this in a future update, if it won't require too much effort on your end. It would greatly increase the game realism at no real performance cost for modern hardware.

Thank you for your time, have a nice day! :)

EDIT: just realized, adding this feature wouldn't even need additional work from the game translators, as "PhysX" stays the same in any language, and the game already has the "HIGH" and "EPIC" translation strings, as they're the same used for the other graphics settings.

EDIT 2: in the comment for this Kickstarter update you mention the asteroid destruction physics GIF (shown above) going viral on r/gaming and getting over 1.4M views on Imgur - I think that speaks for itself about people really loving the PhysX effects in the game. Not only would adding this new PhysX graphics option make Everspace look even better, but it would also make it way more accurate with respect to this original GIF that got so popular online :)

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    Just bought the Encounters DLC to show my support, keep up the good work! :)

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    Hi, sorry to keep you waiting for an answer, but we don't plan on adding this feature. It would be a lot more work than you might expect. We can't simply go back to an old version, as there were so many changes (in Unreal Engine versions and other) since then. The whole mesh changed, too, not only the destructible. Also, the way we're currently using the graphics settings is pretty much tied to Unreal Engine settins, so we don't use anything custom, but we'd need to make a custom differentiation for the destructible meshes.

    Hello, thank you for your answer.
    I understand, I figured it was worth asking though! :)
    Nonetheless, I'm looking forward for the upcoming update with all the new tweaks and improvements, keep up the good work!

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