Ubuntu Reset Display Setting

I had changed to full screen while messing with the settings. Now I am unable to change the settings. The display does not see the mouse clicks. I can use the up and down keys but then when I press Enter, nothing happens. The only way to exit is ALT F4. ALT ENTER does not have any effects.

Installed via Steam. Version

I just want to turn off Full Screen. I think the issue is I have 4 monitors and it is launching on my smallest resolution screen 4:3 aspect. My other monitors is 16:9.


  • Hi faldiin,
    there still seem to be some issues with multi-monitor setups on Linux, but sadly there is currently not much we can do about it with reasonable effort. But you can try to use [F] instead of [Enter] when navigating the menu. So you still should be able to switch to windowed mode.
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