The Grey Goo needs to go.

MomberMomber Member Posts: 20
Imho the Grey Goo (nanobot swarms out of control) needs to go. It's the most infuriating thing in an already infuriating and sadistic game. It adds absolutely nothing to the game other than frustration.
Thanks for your consideration.


  • Pappy13Pappy13 Member Posts: 3
    Get a damage limiter. Shoot the goo and when it pops, hit the damage limiter. Problem solved. This is one of the missions in the expansion. I felt exactly as you did till I did this mission and was like oh, duh.
  • MomberMomber Member Posts: 20
    I don't usually use damage limiters and I don't want to dedicate one of the precious few consumable slots to such a rare event.
    When I wrote the above I had just been killed by grey goo while I was inside (!) a derelict space station, using an access key to get at a special tech container. There was no way I could have gotten out fast enough to flee, let alone shoot the goo. I was in one of the lighter ships at the time, which have few hull hitpoints. The goo ate up my hull faster than I could say "F*** that s***!" and I never even saw it.
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