Mouse off center with TrackIR

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Recently started playing Everspace and really love it!

Initally played with controller and TrackIR aiming, worked well but pretty poor precision.
And the aim assist made it very difficult to hit missiles.
Tried with mouse+kb and don't want to go back to controller again. :-)

Problem is when using separate mouse aiming and TrackIR freelook the crosshairs center
a bit down and to the left, so when I aim straight ahead the ship veers upwards to the right; incredibly frustrating.
If I enable "Aim with head tracking" or disable TrackIR it centers correctly, but neither of those options
entice me...

Been wading through forums and config files and tried all setup changes I could imagine,
but can't find anything to help me solve it. The only mentioning of it I can find is here. (Although he's using a 21:9 monitor.)

Running Steam version 1.2.2 at 1920x1080 resolution.



  • ROCKFISH_TillROCKFISH_Till HamburgPosts: 79Member, Moderator
    Thanks for reporting this, we'll look into it!
  • Nagash_XNagash_X Posts: 2Member
    Thank you for your response! Keeping my fingers crossed...

    Fantastic job with the game, guys!
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