[Suggestion] Define "Hardware Specs" In Technical Support Sections

parameterparameter Common Backer ES1, Customer Posts: 19
edited December 2017 in COMMUNITY (ES1)
Can we please get a stickied post (in the Hardware and System section) that defines exactly which hardware specifications you require when reporting a technical issue? Perhaps some common steps required to locate this information as well? Not everybody is capable of knowing where to find the information or discern which parts you require when reporting an issue.

These forums are poorly laid out in general (still confused as to why you felt the need to craft a forum from scratch when there's already so many prepackaged options out there that work amazingly), but at the very least you can offer us some directions to help us help you.

I recently made a post about a performance issue I had, but quite frankly it required so much effort on my part to figure out what you wanted and where to find it, that I nearly gave up. It's too difficult and I assume most people just don't bother.
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