New/Upgrade Devices and Extra Enhancements

Zack1989Zack1989 Member Posts: 24
How about you guys buffed up some of existing devices or added new one next like increasing energy core extension from 20 to 30, mk2 version from 30 to 45 and mk3 version from 40 to 60.. If not possible, adding this one in exchange, add increased energy core regeneration to 5 point/s for 1st one, 10 point/s for mk2 and 15 point/s for mk3..

How about make an enhancement where shield recharge rate greatly increase in return of unable to upgrade the shield slot or adding nano-bot converter which automatically repair damaged hull in return of using available resources required directly.

There's more but i'll save it for later explanation


  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Administrator, Moderator, Space Cat Posts: 1,110
    Hey Zack1989, thanks for the suggestions.

    I like stacking multiple Energy Core Extensions myself. I feel like having an extra 30 or more energy added from a single Device would almost be cheating considering the cost of Devices in general.
  • Zack1989Zack1989 Member Posts: 24
    If you guys won't buff up energy core, at least add extra energy core regeneration for a bit on each Energy Core Extension device would do on the next Everspace patch
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