Strange mouse behavior

Hi all,
I have a strange problem with this great game:
I am using mouse+keyboard setting. Every time I move the mous "up" my ship is moving right and if I move the mous "down" ship moves left.
If I move mous left and right, the ship is strafing a little bit too...

It is really annoying if I want to fly into an asteroid an my ship is always moving sideways while looking up/down with the mouse.

What is wrong and what should I do??

I have tried every possible setup with the given options but nothing helps.
Thank you for you tips!


  • ROCKFISH_HCKROCKFISH_HCK Posts: 562Moderator
    Have you checked the option "Switch roll and yaw"?
    If nothing helps you might want navigate to "C:\USER\hc.kuehl\AppData\Local\RSG\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor" and delete the GameUserSettings.ini file to hard-reset the bindings.
  • SetupEchseSetupEchse Posts: 4Member
    Thank you for response.
    I tried the "switch roll and yaw" option and it works like expected: if enabled the ship strafes left right and if disabled the ship rolls left right
    But it does not effect the main problem that ship is moving left/right wile using the mouse only up/down

    I will try to delete the file and see what happens...

    One other interesting thing: If i remove any key binding regarding the mouse, the mouse is still working - is this normal?
    My expectation: If i remove key binding for mouse x and y axis - this function should not longer work with this input device.
  • ROCKFISH_HCKROCKFISH_HCK Posts: 562Moderator
    You are right, it shouldn't work if you remove the mouse bindings. The problem is that the development of the rebinding system was quite complex and we started implementing it too late. That's why there are still so many things that don't work as they should be.
  • SetupEchseSetupEchse Posts: 4Member
    I found the issue:
    I searched a little bit in the folder you mentioned, there is another file "input.ini"
    In the last third of the file I found this:


    I don't know why the MouseY is set there for the "move right" key but I removed it and now everything is working fine!!
  • SetupEchseSetupEchse Posts: 4Member
    Yesterday I had some more issues. If I try to reconfigure the keys for "roll right/left", the game again don't accept my input. In the key seetings in the game everything is displayed right, but it don't work ingame.
    Then I took a look into the "input.ini" again and saw, that the keys were not configured properly (again)...
    Now, after another half an hour of setting with trial and error, the input setting is right for me - hopefully I have not to change anything here in the future...

    And hopefully you will put a little effort in this - your game is great and it makes so much fun to play. It would be a shame if such a "bread and butter" thing like the key rebinding brings people to bad reviews, refundings or 1-star ratings.
  • ProcclesworthProcclesworth Posts: 1Member
    Hi, I signed up to complain about a similar issue but SetupEchse already had the solution for me. In my case mouse X was bound to move forward/backwards.

    After fixing that I found the S was repeatedly binding itself to move forward, and W was being removed. Had to correct them 4 times in the ingame menu before the change actually 'held'.

    Some quite odd keybinding issues with this game! Otherwise it's very cool.
  • PedalToTheMetalPedalToTheMetal Posts: 128Member
    I experienced binding problems while doing something about CapsLock (I use Caps for forward and Shift for reverse), though didn't report as I can't recall what was actually happening. Gave me some -BEEP- yet I even managed to do it without INI editing IIRC :) So Rockfish, fix the menu or I'm writing an external binder :) (or not as it is basically a one-time process anyway).
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