Controller Issue (PS4)

Im2NubIm2Nub Posts: 13Kickstarter Beta Backer, Space Dog
i usually use mouse and keyboard when playing but wanted to play it with my ps4 controller while i had it plugged and nothing i did fixed any of the issues i had which is that when ever i try to play the game without inverting the axis the crosshair goes in the oposite direction making it hard to aim this issue persists wether or not i use ds4

also for anyone wondering the game is completly playable without ds4 as long as u have centered crosshair and inverted Y axis (this was information i was looking for at one point so ill put it here for those still looking for it)


  • ROCKFISH_TillROCKFISH_Till HamburgPosts: 103Member, Moderator
    Hi, thanks for posting this and sorry for the late response, we've had a holiday here. This seems to have been a problem with the non-centered crosshair controls on gamepad, we have fixed the issue and it will be resolved in the upcoming patch.
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