Crosshairs still in wrong location in VR

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The turret and I were both stationary in that screenshot. I know it doesn't look very far off, but aiming at that target made me miss a lot; I had to compensate manually. That isn't a big deal against a turret, but I'm pretty sure it's causing me trouble in dogfights too.

I thought I was having trouble hitting enemies, and when I went up against some turrets and other stationary objects, I found that the aiming crosshairs (when I'm locked on) point next to the turret instead of right at the turret! I'm pretty sure this is happening against other objects and ships too, but it's hard to tell for sure in a dogfight.

I'm playing in a Vive. I started out playing with keyboard and mouse, but then I configured my joystick in 2D, deleted the mouse yaw/pitch bindings so I didn't cause issues if I bump the mouse, and now I play in VR. I didn't get enough experience before getting the joystick set up to know if it happened before.


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    Hi, thanks for posting this and sorry for the delay, we've had a public holiday here. Do you play with the "aim with headtracking" option enabled? In any case, I think we've fixed your issue and it will be resolved in the upcoming patch. Please let me know if it persists.
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    Yes, I do have "aim with headtracking" enabled. I'm looking forward to to the fix!

    Thanks for fixing the issues in this game!
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