Directly bindable access to weapons/devices/consumables

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I play this game since the (unoffical) Linux release and I really love it. Definitely one of the best games I played lately :)

I really love the pace and action in the later sectors. However, I keep getting frustrated with selecting the right weapons and devices during heavy fights...

The rotating switching using 1,2,3,4 is really confusing me during fights. And the long holding for selecting the weapon from the wheel kind of destroys the mental focus too... So I end up selecting wrong weapons or devices or taking heavy damage while looking at the top of the screen to figure out whether I picked the right device (they all look so equal on first view to me :P). Combined with not being able to reorder devices without manual dropping and re-equipping in the right order there also is no deterministic order in the switching... I also do not want to know how many ARC's I wasted while I wanted to fire a Light Missle (not sure how I even manage to trigger it with the charge delay :#)

The perfect solution to this would be if there would be binds for all the slots which, on triggering, automatically switch to the Xth weapon / device / consumable slot and equip and trigger it (except for primary weapons). Ideally this would come with the ability to reorder weapon slots.

This way one does not need to keep eye on the topbar, since you know which key you pressed. This would make the fights a ton more immersive for me :)

Please excuse me if this topic was discussed somewhere else already... Google and Forum search did not return any results.

Anyway, can't wait for the DLC. Will buy it immediately if it works on Linux :)



  • Firebrand_81Firebrand_81 Member Posts: 6
    I've experienced the same problem as you while playing with the Gunship. While with the Interceptor or Scout I usually have to use just one active device at time, the Gunship configuration I use require me to use three different active devices: Turbo for moving around quickly over big open area, Laser Turret when enemy is in range and then Front Shield just after activating Laser Turret.
    The solution I've found is to use bind Left ALT key to select the Active Device. It's super easy to find, since it's near the keys you use to manouver the ship, and I just keep it pressed to make the selection wheel appear. The game pause, with the mouse i move over the device required, and release the Left ALT key. This way, in a fraction of second I've always equipped the active device I want, and this make a lot of difference between a disaster and a very succesful fight.

    To select on the other hand the correct primary weapon I use the mouse wheel: different crosshair let me identify which weapon I'm using without leaving the focus on the action.

    For Secondary Weapons and Consumables I tend to chose ("Use") from the equipment screen, which very conveniently puts the game on hold. This because I don't use or change between them very often, but it's just my play style.
    It's also very common for me, before an important fight, on the same screen to "Use Now" some consumables, so this way I can put in act a good strategy without to worry about enemy incoming all around.

  • EldragonEldragon Member Posts: 6
    Just got the game, and signed up for the forums so I could say the same thing.

    Quite simply, I have a HOTAS with multiple triggers, it would be awesome if I could just fire each weapon separately rather than having to switch to them.

    e.g. I have a keybind for "Primary Weapon 1" and a separate keybind for "Primary Weapon 2", "Secondary Weapon 1", etc.

    The existing "Fire currently selected primary" keybind can remain unchanged, I'll just unbind it and only use the specific ones.

    If the game needs to prevent both weapons from being fired at once (balance or technical reasons) that's fine. I just hate switching weapons constantly when I have the buttons to handle it.
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