My xbox one is Dissapointed

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Hello together,
I just Registers here to make my statement.
I bought Everspace when it was Release on xboxe one. So i guess it was 1.0. I played a Lot Elite Dangerous before and wanted to enjoy some pure Arcade dogfights plus tactical upgrading. I think to get into Everspace is Hard. i dont mean those rouge-like deaths all the time at the beginning. Its just I think its Not fun to play at the beginning - its confusing and a bit Frustrating although there is a Tutorial. I think this game dont need a Radar, but it needs HUD- and other, only small improvements. this Sounds minor but i think its Not. I Stopped Playing, and Now i Started again and could t believe therre is no update which improves some Features. there are suggestions in this board but im Not sure If there what will be changed n the Future. Hotas Support is good for Hotas owners. gamplay improvements are good for everybody.. I wish there will be Future Updates beside such Technical changed, Supports and fixes. Im sure this is a small Team who works Hard all the time. Please support the xbox one Version as You do the PC one. Btw i am talking about visuals of hud Icons, the lock-on target function, Colors and sizes of this kinda on-screen radar Symbols, and much more settings to choose from. I apologise for my Bad english and the pointless capital Letters spreading. its night and i am fighting this auto-suggestions-keyboard.
Great Arcade-Rouge Style Game!


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    Thanks for your feedbak @D7N13L . The team is working on more updates to the game, with the XBox version as a high priority right now. New content through DLC is also in the works, but I can assure you the base game will see more additions through updates as well.
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