Concerning the "Deluxe Edition Upgrade"

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Dear Rockfish Games,

I was browsing on GOG and just noticed that a little over 2 weeks ago there was a "Deluxe Edition Upgrade" released. I wanted to provide some opinion on this that I think many share. I think this was a really bad move that damaged the brand.

I have over 100 hours in Everspace and still play it on weekly basis. I had made the purchase when it was still in development and don't regret the purchase as it has provided an enormous amount of entertainment for the money spent.

This new "upgrade" seems to offer very little to the average gamer and at a rather high price at that. Your game is listed at $30 (USD) yet to get the soundtrack, some wallpapers, and an art book is an additional 33% markup ($10 USD). I'm sorry, I don't think the value is there. And by reading the reviews on the GOG page, it seems like most people don't either (every review of this writing is a 1 star review).

I know that it takes time to make wallpapers and art books, but in all honesty it must have been a very small amount of work compared to the project, and thus, the price should reflect this. I can't imagine that to simply release wallpapers, soundtrack, and an artbook took more than 1% of the total development budget. So why would you charge 33% of the game price?

But my complaint is really not about the money requested. It's about damaging the brand. You have a game that is highly praised, but then release this "upgrade" that everybody is panning. For a prospective buyer it would be a major turnoff and keep them away from actually purchasing the game.

If you wanted to release the soundtrack on CD or LP, or maybe publish an actual physical copy book, fine. You can certainly charge for that and people would understand. We understand that it takes capital to get a book published and to press and ship CD's. However, exporting some audio files and takings some high res screenshots with a little photoshop is of little investment. I think this is why the reviews are so low. Also, wallpapers are usually released for free as it serves as free advertising for the game. You are asking people to pay for something that many of your competitors are releasing for free just to get their product name out there to a potential buying audience.

Please listen to your fans. Listen to the buyers. Reconsider this move as I hate to see such a great game and IP tarnished by a move that is seen as a simple money grab from the vast majority of games.

Again, this is feedback and in no way diminishes this wonderfully entertaining game you guys made. Best wishes.


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    thanks for your feedback. I did not decide on the price. I guess you could argue that it is too expensive - but on the other hand there are many soundtracks on steam for the same price - and album new releases on itunes or amazon or wherever are also mostly between 9 and 12 dollars. Also - the preparation for the soundtrack took longer than you might expect - some of the songs were revised and received proper endings, etc.

    But you mentioned that it's not about the price, but about "damaging the brand". I don't really understand why this upgrade seems to upset people so much - and I'd like to give you a little insight on why it exists at all:
    Back in 2015 when we were running the Kickstarter campaign for Everspace we offered digital and physical atrbooks as rewards as welll as as the digital soundtrack. So we had to produce them in any case. Just like for the game we decided to use steam as the default platform for distributing content to our backers. So after the rewards were ready and acccesible to backers via steam we of course wanted to give non-backers the opportunity to get their hands on them, too - espeically since quite a lot of people had been asking for the soundtrack. And since the artbook and soundtrack were available on Steam we figured that GOG players would be upset if they did not get the same offer, which is why we released it on GOG as well and with the exact same price as on Steam.

    And sure - we don't mind getting a little extra cash with the soundtrack and the artbook - keep in mind that we're still a very small team, we've been through rough times and without the Kickstarter and Early Access there would be no Everspace at all. So of course we're happy about every single copy sold which will make our lives easier and increase our budget for the next title.

    I guess that this negative feedback cam mostly be attributed to the fact that GOG is now selling these things at all. I did not read any complaints on Steam. I'm not trying to criticize GOG at all, but I think that what really upsets some people is that GOG are moving further and further away from the original "Good Old Games - classics for a small price" premise.

    Which price do you think would be acceptable for the soundtrack by the way (more than 60 tracks, duration > 3 hours)?
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    Again, I don't think this was such a big deal with me as I have so much fun with the game that whether it is $30 or even $100 it would have been worth it for me. I was just reporting on the very negative feedback on the reviews. As of this writing there are 6 written reviews for the upgrade and ALL are 1 star.

    What concerns me is that these negative reviews may keep people away from purchasing the primary game and sheds the brand in a negative light.

    I can't really offer an opinion on what an "appropriate price" should be for this extra content. Perhaps it should be proportional to the effort that it took to make the game, maybe even free? At the same time, $10 is what most soundtrack go for so that price point also seems reasonable.

    Perhaps it was the timing of this update that was the problem? Perhaps if both versions went on sale at the same time it would have gone over better? Not really sure.

    Everspace is an awesome game and worth every penny. I made this posting as a concern from a true fan's point of view.
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    I'm glad you're enjoying Everspace, and it's good that you drew attention to the reviews on GOG - I did not know that people can write these without having bought the product - which is why these are so negative I guess.

    I'm confident though that people will be able to differantiate between the reviews of the game and the upgrade.
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    I agree and hope people can differentiate the two.
  • invenioinvenio Member Posts: 110
    Also, it's difficult to tell but is it more expensive on GOG than Steam if you buy both the game and upgrade? I see the 15% discount for the upgrade on GOG but it seems like the discount for the game portion is not on GOG. So if you buy both the game and upgrade on GOG, it's $38.50 but on Steam it's $34. Is this correct?
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    I can understand why some people may be confused or upset by the Deluxe Edition Upgrade, but I see no issue with it personally. Plenty of games have a "Collector's Edition DLC" with the same type of content.

    In my opinion, the Deluxe Edition is just as much about supporting ROCKFISH Games as it is acquiring the content provided by the package.

    I went out of my way to buy both my own copy and my friend's copy of Everspace directly from this website to ensure that the developers get as much of the profit as they can. I have the expansion now as well, but I may also one day buy the Deluxe Edition Upgrade, just so I can continue to support development. I don't really care all that much about that type of content, but it may be worth perusing.

    I would hope that most people are able to think for themselves and that any negative reviews will be taken with a grain of salt, especially on what is essentially an "extras" package.
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