Ancient Guardians unreachable and drone launching

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Recently having returned to playing Everspace I have come across some peculiar new bugs.

Drone launches to infinity and beyond:
Sometimes when deploying a drone from a dock or carrier, the drone is launched at high velocity. In colonial stations this results in the drone being catapulted against the opposite interior wall (as I have seen on several occasions). When launched from a drone carrier this can have more bizarre effects, such as sending the carrier flying 20 km away (a problem for anyone trying to silence the jump suppressor on board as it tumbles out of reach). This is an infrequent bug.
Summary: The initial deployment velocity of drones can be extreme in some cases

Ancient Guardian teleporting outside bounds:
Now this one has been rather consistent in it's occurrence. Upon getting to an Ancient Structure system I am confronted by the local authorities. This consists of a guardian and often two of the sentient dark energy globules. Seeing as the globules are more of an eminent threat I retreat from the guardian and take out the globs. Upon returning my attention to the guardian I find it a little red enemy marker somewhere half way between the local system and what must be a close neighbor; in other terms, way outside the bounds. No way to get to it, and it doesn't come back. This has happened 3 out of the 4 times I have encountered the ancient structures. The one time I was able to kill the guardian I didn't have any distractions and burst it down (presumably before it had bugged out and tp'd to grandma's). Considering the frequency of occurrence I can likely replicate and record if required.
Summary: Ancient guardian teleports far outside bounds after a random period of time.

Please let me know how to provide more indepth data on these.
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