Noob - dumb Q

Hey all

I have read a little on the forums but cant see answer
I have X52 and when I go to Controller/ Other to set it up the game only recognises physical 'buttons'
I seem unable to map my joystick movement or my throttle movement forward/back at all.

Any easy starter tips would be appreciated.
Apologies if this is covered somewhere that I missed in looking.


  • wottowotto Member Posts: 4
    No replies ?
    Thanks Devs.

    Seen a Youtube video of a guy running X52 with this game nicely and numerous people saying they have same issues as me in that thread. I read thru the associated Steam thread and tried recommendations/resolutions from that. Nothing.

    Seriously considering a Steam refund request on this game half due to lack of support.
  • Hello! It would be nice to know what OS you're running on and whether you're playing the game in VR or not. Also, are you using any emulation software or changing the deadzones / scales of the axes in the Saitek configuration tool?
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    Hey @wotto I wanted to apologize directly for the lateness in the response; part of my role as moderator on the forums is pushing issues to the small, focused team since they are very busy on updating the XBox version and the DLC content. It was an extended weekend with Labor Day (for me specifically), so I hope you'll forgive me! <3

    I wanted to add to ROCKFISH_Till's response: I can confirm there is full HOTAS support, which includes the throttle. Hoping to hear back from you soon to see if we can directly hook you up!
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    Hi guys - thanks and apologies for the rant. We are a day behind you and I failed to realise you had a public holiday too -my bad.

    My system Win7 / i5 /3.5Ghz/8 gig am- Nidvia GE660 card.
    Game runs fine.

    I am not running VR - I haven't altered deadzones etc - just running it all straight out of the box so to speak

    I did get some axis ( pitch and roll ) going but cannot map strafe or yaw at this stage.
  • Hi wotto,
    There might be an issue with your input config files, since their format changed with one of the last updates. Try to delete/backup the Input.ini and GameUserSettings.ini from *UserFolder*/AppData/Local/RSG/Saved/Config/WindowsNoEditor/ and see if you can set up the bindings then!
    If you can't set up any movement actions then, I assume you're using the thrust device for that? Are the joystick buttons/axes also not recognized for movement?
  • wottowotto Member Posts: 4
    Perfect- that did it - thanks so much
    TOUGH steep curve straight into this one for someone with limited flying control - I am getting hammered - lol

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