Joystick cursor

With the update, I'm able to map keybinds to my joystick (Logitech Extreme 3D pro), but the axis movement isn't registering. Any way of getting the cursor to sync to the joystick movement?


  • ROCKFISH_TillROCKFISH_Till HamburgPosts: 100Member, Moderator
    Hello! Do you mean that the you can't bind any joystick axes in the keybindings menu? It might be an issue due to a conversion from older save games that we do with the new input system - try navigating to 'C:/Users/*yourname*/AppData/Local/RSG/Saved/Config/WindowsNoEditor/' and backup/delete the Input.ini and GameUserSettings.ini, then bind your joystick axes again and see if that helps.
  • ZelosDrelZelosDrel Posts: 10Member
    edited October 2017
    I'm having the same problem. If I go into Customize Controls, click on Yaw Axis or Pitch Axis in the Other column, and move my CH Fighterstick USB x or y axis, nothing happens.

    If I click on the same binding (yaw axis, Other column) and press a button on my joystick, I see something like 'FIGHTERSTICK USB Button 6'. So I can bind joystick buttons, just not joystick axes.
  • ROCKFISH_TillROCKFISH_Till HamburgPosts: 100Member, Moderator
    Thanks for posting this - does it help to first delete the config files as described above?
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