Hard system crash...

srdsrd Member Posts: 1
...as in screen turns black, PC speaker goes "beep" and the BIOS POST test starts running....

I've had this 4 times now (always and only with Everspace), always in battles and I _believe_ when I just killed an enemy and it's in the process of exploding. Maybe some instruction level issue with the GPU?

Unfortunately, this is completely non-deterministic and usually happens after about an hour of playing, and usually in sector 3 (I've had it happen once in section 1 as well though).

Running the current Everspace version on steam.

Windows 10, i7-7700, 32BG RAM, MSI M5/Z270 Mainboard, AMD R9 Fury w/ 4GB RAM. Nothing is overclocked.

Is there a log somewhere that I can post?
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