Subroutines mostly a waste of time?

Dying GaspDying Gasp Posts: 13Member
Really a 5% increase in damage, armour or whatever is absolutely not worth taking up a valuable slot.

Make it 20% and I may have a harder choice as to 20% damage or the Jump Suppressor / no warships glyph.

IMHO a lot of them really do need a buff to be even considered. I currently use the Low Profile, Predetermination and Bullseye glyphs and there is no subroutine even close to being as useful.

Does anyone else actually use them?


  • invenioinvenio Posts: 108Member
    I think it's 50/50. The 5% bonus ones are a complete waste. I don't think 20% would even make me consider using them. Maybe bump it to 50% or higher.

    The glyphs seem to be more helpful, and I especially like the ancient weapon.
  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Posts: 1,098Moderator, Space Cat
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    It seems to me that the more utilized Sub-routines/Glyphs are ones that create new opportunities to the player that were not available before, even if it means one particular element of the game becomes more difficult. The 5% buffs aren't bad, but I don't think they feel like anything changed or is happening when they're used. Even if they aren't, I agree that they feel underwhelming.

    I don't like using Low Profile because it removes a nice element of tension in the game, and Sensory Overload feels a little cheap. Ancient Weapon, while incredibly powerful, removes the variety factor from the run for me, so I tend to avoid using it as well to mix things up through the run. These seem to be very popular options by others, though

    I end up cycling Enhancement combinations to keep runs fresh and interesting with almost 300 hours in-game. Still, I think my most used for each respective ship:

    • Daredevil (almost always)
    • Splitter
    • Ancient Friends
    • Shadow Strike (almost always)
    • Infinite Drift (this took some time to enjoy but has become quite enjoyable now)
    • Bullseye
    • Devastator (almost always)
    • Thrust Diversion
    • Survival Instinct
    invenio said:

    The 5% bonus ones are a complete waste. I don't think 20% would even make me consider using them. Maybe bump it to 50% or higher..

    Holy cow, 50% bonus without a negative would break the game. At absolute most, I think taking up an Enhancement slot without a negative shouldn't provide more than a static 12.5% boost to a specific stat.

    While I almost always use Devastator on the Gunship, I do so almost as a necessity. I admit this should NOT be a reason to select an Enhancement and do think it could do with some other form of adjustment, so to that I'd like to pull @ROCKFISH_Andi into the discussion and see what he thinks about this:

    What if Devastator granted 40% attack, but made it to where energy didn't regenerate unless stationary? This dynamic would change the way the Gunship is played, creating opportunity in powering through foes while putting you in a bind if you aren't careful about targets or accuracy.

    All in all, I do think that the current iteration of Enhancements is at a good position, though I also agree all the 5% boons across the board could be raised to about 10% to offset the fact that they're taking up an Enhancement Slot.
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