Ship Perks Unique Upgrade

Zack1989Zack1989 Posts: 24Member
Is it possible to make each existing ship based on their original role to be added 1 slot which gives specialized upgrade as this game is based on rogue-like play style..

For example, Scouts gain an enhanced base speed even w/out including max speed upgrade, basic armor enhancement and upgrades to it's Cloak & Teleporter devices or Gunship gain enhanced upgrade on some of their device and consumable or Interceptor gain upgrade on carrying additional secondary weapon and improved their energy regeneration rate

For Example on additional secondary weapon:-

Arc-9000: From 1 to 2 on 1 slot
Plasma Torpedo: From 8 to 12 on 1 slot
Corrosion Missile: From 8 to 16 on 1 slot
Heavy Missile: From 10 to 15 on 1 slot
Shield Breaker Missile: From 10 to 16 on 1 slot

Light Missile only need to gain some weapon damage upgrade..

Of course, this is just an suggestion.. If this is too much, please at least consider reading it out first... That's all


  • ROCKFISH_HCKROCKFISH_HCK Posts: 562Moderator
    That sounds like it could be used for an enhancement. If we do more enhancements, I'll keep it in mind. Also, we might add buff-pickups at some time, so it could also be the effect of a certain buff.
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