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TanariousTanarious Common Alpha Backer ES1 Posts: 7
After about 3 hours in - the game is generally solid. I have had one crash. One thing I notice is that crafting is well, boring.

Getting resources is random, and so crafting is random. Therefore there is no tie to any decision I make game play wise. It would be great if resources were tied (to a degree) to jump locations, or missions. So that if I wanted to craft X, and I was short of scrap to do that - I could make a decision to jump into this hard jump point because I knew it was a ship graveyard. The risk is higher, but I knew I would have the chance to get the resources I wanted. That's just an example, but I hope you see what I am saying. That way, my progress in the game would be driven by some sort of desire - not just a random mouse click.

As it stand right now, it doesn't really matter what decision I make in the game. And that makes it a little, well, boring. *shrug*



  • RichTeaRichTea Member, Common Alpha Backer ES1 Posts: 15
    I agree, and I also like the idea of tying the jump screen to this decision making. That screen too is quite empty at the moment, so it would improve both.

    Someone else also mentioned being able to convert resources, such as using gas to make batteries. I think that may help solve your concerns about not being able to influence what materials you have available.
  • ZenTigerZenTiger Common Alpha Backer ES1, Space Dog Posts: 12
    Yeah I think when picking the different branches that you jump to, it sort of gave a rough idea of whats in that sector like a fleet of cargo ships possibly carrying x supply or one sector as you say, is a ship grave yard, with each sector having different diffiulties so you know that you have to go that way to get the supplies you need. At the moment its more of a "hope this sector will have the stuff I need" only to be like "nope, yet another sector with just ore or gas."
  • VahnkiljoyVahnkiljoy Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES1, Space Optimizr Posts: 107
    Well, WORLD resources AREN'T random, for the most part.
    Regular asteroid field, you will get ore
    In an ice field, gas.
    If a mixture of the two chances you COULD get both if rng smiles at you.
    Haven't figured plasmas tricks out yet that one does seem random.
    If you are in the vertical asteroid field chances are you will find fuel asteroids.
    Black hole, dark matter/ dark energy, chance at both I think, but MATTER is guaranteed. Crystals are ALWAYS(usually, can still rng none though) in the giant asteroids you can fly into.
    Scrap is a -BEEP- shoot for the most part, though chances are high if you jump into a graveyard zone
  • ROCKFISH_HCKROCKFISH_HCK Moderator Posts: 579
    Yes, we need to bring more information on the different locations to the map screen so you can plan your route better, not only enemy-wise but also resources-wise.
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