Modification For All Ship

Zack1989Zack1989 Member Posts: 24
Is it possible to add a Modification Slot in each ship perks (Not Pilot Perks)which gives increase hull points, shield point, energy core point, max speed and critical hit chance for primary weapon? I guess add about 10 slot with really expensive one starting with 15000 credits..


  • Zack1989Zack1989 Member Posts: 24
    To add it up, at the last slot, it gives visual changes w/out making other major changes to original existing perks.. It doesn't have to be the same but consider it as some unique upgrade for each ship

    Maybe enhances the ship base speed, energy core regeneration, shield regeneration point, jump charge rate and lastly maybe 20% extra hull point from overall hull point upgrade..

    Give it a thought at least would be appreciated..
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