Suggestion: Make neutral Containers yellow

LandeiLandei Posts: 2Kickstarter Backer, Space Cat
It's a small thing, but it annoys me, and should be easy to fix. Especially if there is a lot of stuff flying around, you can't easily distinguish containers you can collect without consequences from containers you can't shoot without pissing a neutral faction off (G&B, Service Station). I mean, it's *their* stuff, so please give it their color, too.


  • ROCKFISH_HCKROCKFISH_HCK Posts: 562Moderator
    OK, might be a good idea.
  • flowmezflowmez Posts: 5Member
    I think one of the things that makes a game feel like a real choicesworld is to find elements that are not defined by its colors or classification (using HUD), but by its functions and relations with its envyroment. So, I would say to leave de boxes like they are, and to let player decide if they want to know wich ship is the one that carryes the container, and if they wnt try to steal it or whatevver.
    One thing about beatifull and realfeeel like game is not to put everything on the HUD and let the objects you can interact with define their selfs by their locations, forms, size, velocity etc. (envyromental properties).
  • ES_145ES_145 Posts: 8Kickstarter Backer, Space Cat
    I do not think that this is "real" by any means. It is quite obvious to everyone that when something is owned by someone, there is some kind of a sign on it. Every container has the big name painted there. In that way of thinking having free and non free containers looking exactly the same is something which doesn't make any sense.

    The bigger problem is that often you have NO idea if a container is owned by someone or not. It doesn't say anywhere. Sometimes I am at a big station and see containers which I can shoot and it doesn't even say that these are not free. So I shoot and from nowhere there are million ships and guns attacking me and sometimes this costs me the whole run.
  • flowmezflowmez Posts: 5Member
    As far as I've seen till now, the containers owned boy any faction or company are called with the name of the compani (RGB tech container instead of Tech container). What I ment is that I think they have done a great job making objects wich caracteristic are not determinmated by HUD (using different colors for everything etc) but by the enviroment in wich they are located and differences betwwen objets depending on the use you make of them.
    As a result, when you find a container, you will know that its from somebody if you find it near or at a mineri or credit transport ship that has got lights on and is functioning, being this an advice: some one is gonna defend the container.
    Same thing happens with containers from OKARS and others rival factions. If the station has got light on and there are functionin turrets, it will probably happen the same as before, with one difference: you sure attempt to kill them, wich you should avoid facing RGB units xD
    For last, the containers you know wont gice you any problem, are those floating in open space or those retrieved at decadent and old stations or mineries, or inside some huge rock.

    This game doesent want you to interact with the HUD or the mouse and keyboard, it wants you to use those instrument to interact and learn how to not dia in an enviroment that has got its own conditions and propierties.
    Sorry to continue this post, is just that this is a main theme for me about the game development procces; really like to talk about this :d
  • ES_145ES_145 Posts: 8Kickstarter Backer, Space Cat
    I'm sorry but this is simply not true. I've seen this so many times and even yesterday again. Sometimes I see the name and then it is fine but sometimes it is just a container and absolutely no indication of ownership.

    It smells like a bug to me but how is it possible that you've never seen it?
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