The UI/ UX could be further improved

fourrierfourrier Posts: 3Member
Okay, so I've plunged into the game for 40+ hours since the release date. I must say the game is very addicting, although I've found there are some UI/UX elements that could be improved; In future updates, hopefully.

So here are my problems:
1. No radar
I'm quite an old-school space sim player, so radar like the HUD in Privateer 2/ FreeSpace 2/ Wing Commander series will really help on how I can get the objects "in view". I got panicked when entering a very narrow chamber and suddenly the turret starts to attack. I can't immediately tell from which direction they're attacking.

2. More eye-catching notification/ distinct sound when "enemy is locking on you"
A mere "beep" and a small exclamation mark on target is easily missed. I suggest the exclamation mark to be animated. It should start from big size, then animate it with "fade in" and "scale down" tweening. The "beep" sounds also sometimes blends with the BGM, so sometimes I got confused which "beep" is the "lock on".
Also, when the new ships jumped in to the area, there should also be a similar notification or different color marking. Sometimes I missed those smakk red blinking marks on the edge of the screen.

3. More sophisticated target cycling
As I have mentioned from the other thread : It'll be awesome if I can cycle targets in range, cycle targets that locks on me, cycle targets with lowest hull/shield, or any combinations of those 3. Be it come by default or introduce new devices to do that.
It's very useful if I can immediately target/kill drones that assist the main ship before taking it down.

4. More sophisticated target marking.
It'll be immensely useful if I can scan which target is within 3km/5km/7km. When entering a new area, I always have to scan/mouse over around all the red dots, see what is their allegiance (Outlaw or Okkar), and what is their distance in order to plan out the strategy what should I do first in that area (gathering resources first or kill some of them first).
In crowded area, I have to do this very quick and still sometimes misses some of the red dots or maybe there are new ships jumping in. It'll be great to release this tension with better target marking.

Anyway, I think that's enough from me.

Everspace is a great game. There are many other space sim games I have looked in past years, but the ones I found have too much 4X elements and have less dog-fighting elements.


  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Posts: 1,086Moderator
    Thanks for the suggestions - I don't think we ware going to add a radar like in Freespace etc., but the other suggestions are up to debate. Regarding 4 - I could imagine that if you hold down a certain key distances wil display for all markers and hide once released
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