How do I keep found weapons?

sikmsikm Posts: 9Member
I've not been playing the game long and am still coming to grips with it.
I've finally met Seth and now, when I get killed - which I do frequently - I no longer go right back to the start of the game. I think I'm correct in saying that any mods I make before being killed stay with the ship so that way the ship keeps getting 'stronger'.
One of the things I don't understand is that any weapons I might find and swap into my primary weapon disappear when I'm killed: when I start that stage again I only have the initial weapons.
How do I keep any weapon I might find?

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  • sikmsikm Posts: 9Member
    Many thanks for the comprehensive reply. I did notice that there was a perk that shows the location of the last 'death' thus allowing you to regain any loot you'd lost. Does that mean you could fly to your previous wreck and pick up anything you'd lost on the previous run?
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