The story leaves me feeling... meh

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I have played this game since around the second early access version. I always loved the gameplay itself, loved the dialog between the pilot and the AI, and I certainly enjoyed the subtle hints of some greater goal with it all.

Now that the final version has been released (I have been busy with life, so I didn't try it before now), I must say I am sorely disappointed. The story is so cheesy, cliche and boring... And the delivery of the flashback sequences really is bad as well. I honestly wish they hadn't bothered at all, it would have been much better. Or that they had let the community provide input/feedback before release, so it could have been better - more personal, more involving, more mysterious...

This is not really a complaint - I feel like I definitely got my money's worth with the early access version alone, and the game still has fantastic gameplay which will keep me playing until I have finished the story. I am just sad that a game with this huge potential completely blows the story this way.

Am I alone with this feeling?


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    Although I agree with some of the statements you make, I think we have to keep in mind that this was not some RPG or story driven game. This is an arcade shooter that you play for 15 minute increments.

    Was the story on par with games like the Witcher 3,... no. Was it some mildly entertaining fluff to put between missions where you essentially do the same thing over and over again (jump in, shoot 10 fighters, 1 capital ship, collect some loot, and jump out),.. yes. But it's ok, because the game is tons of fun. I like the last level being a little different then the rest of the game as well as the last level on the 2nd run after completing the objectives (I don't want to give away any spoilers).

    I think the story overall is ok, especially when compared to other similar games. How much story did we really get in FTL or other games of that nature?
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    quadrox said:

    The story is so cheesy, cliche and boring... And the delivery of the flashback sequences really is bad as well. I honestly wish they hadn't bothered at all, it would have been much better. Or that they had let the community provide input/feedback before release, so it could have been better - more personal, more involving, more mysterious...

    When i read that kind of comment that remind me of how people comment movies. You have those that liked it, those that feel it could have been better and the ones that complain it wasn't original or that it plain sucked. With all the movies, tv series, novels, comic books out there, it's rather rare to have something really original or outstanding. About everything will borrow elements of existing works or feel like what has been done before. Some people have seen more or are easily bored by what feel similar to what they know.

    Personally i find the story alright for the game. It could be better but i hardly think it was boring or cliché. And it explain rather well why we have endless lives and the goal is fitting.

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    Hi @quadrox thanks for your in-depth feedback.

    Of course, if we have had a bigger budget, we definitely would have loved to invest more into the story part of the game. However, nailing the second-to-second space combat gameplay, the minute-to-minute roguelike/roguelite game loop as well as delivering a top-notch audiovisual experience has always been at the core of our vision of a "next-gen" roguelike space shooter.

    That being said, we spent quite a lot of time to develop and tell an interesting story that works for the nature of a roguelike. A few weeks before our Kickstarter, we saw Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow "die, live, repeat" which inspired us to tell the story in Everspace through a mix of flashbacks, event-based narratives delivered by the onboard AI and in-game cutscenes. To our knowledge, this has not been done before within a roguelike and we believe it actually does work quite well without distracting from the fast-paced action or conflicting with the core game loop.

    Regarding the quality, we worked with Falko Löffler and Bernie Duffy, both experienced story and dialogue writers within the game industry. The senior concept artists Tobias Frank and Kunrong Yap created the illustrations for the flashbacks which were animated by the top-notch CG studio The Sequence Group, after we screened over a dozen professional candidates coming from North America, Europe and Asia. For the budget that we were willing to spend we believe all of them did an excellent job.

    Lastly, while plots in a sci-fi scenario almost always feature to-be-expected elements, and therefore might be perceived to be cheesy, we think we managed to add some subtle notes especially towards the 1st and the 2nd ending that might make you think twice about the motivation, the moral and the consequences of the hero's actions (aka you, the player). With a bigger budget, this could have been fleshed out more to make it clearer but it definitely is there.
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    Sorry for not getting back earlier... life got in the way, as it often does...

    I would also like to apologize for the somewhat harsh tone, I realize that you guys have spent considerable efforts to make a truly great game, and this being your "baby" you must have strong feelings on the subject.

    That being said, I still feel that the story is lacking. It is not a matter of budget or quality of the drawings or something like that. Well perhaps I would have preferred FMV instead of (barely) animated illustrations, but that is really a very minor point, and I understand the budget limitations.

    It also really doesn't matter what otherwise talented people you have had working on the story - even great artists sometimes don't get it right - so listing all those names really doesn't add anything worthwhile to the discussion.

    Instead I will try to explai a bit better what works and what does not work for me... (Keep in mind that I have not yet finished the game, so some details may be off)

    1) Pacing - Before the release the player learned only small details along the way, admittedly none of them story related, but overall this gave a sense of mystery. After the release we are getting hammered with cutscenes nearly every jump (or so it felt to me) and very soon we know all the fundamentals. Mystery completely gone.
    2) Plot - I absolutely love the concept of being reborn and not knowing what put me in my present condition. But once again, pacing is essential to keep the sense of mystery.
    3) Cliches - Two shady characters, one secretly with a heart of gold, being betrayed by his friend who is bent on world domination, and the "hero" then becomes completely unselfish and tries to save the world with no regard to himself. It is not only cliche, it leaves the "hero" with fatal lock of personality - he has none, he is just a cookie cutter stereotype and utterly boring.
    4) Personal Motivation - The "hero saves the world" plot especially does not work because the player never leaves the cockpit/sees anything of the world/universe or meets another character. The player thus has no stake in the fate of the universe and just goes "huh? ok then" instead of feeling emotionally involved. There is just nothing in it for the player, and that's what left me emotionally completely uninvolved. It got to the point where I wished I could turn off those -BEEP- flashback sequences, because they added nothing to the game and just stopped me from playing.

    All that being said, I still love the game for the pure gameplay, so you absolutely nailed the most important part of the game (not that I wouldn't mind a few tweaks here and there, but on the whole it's pure awesome). It's just the story that I absolutely do not like...
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    As a new player I picked up the game it took me about 25 runs to complete my first run, so I'd get one cutscene, struggle to make it that far again. Eventually get further and get a new cutscene. I felt the pacing was quite good for a new player.

    With that pacing I was quite intrigued by the story, being fed little bits of information and trying to figure out what was going on.
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    Did you reset your game when the update came out? The devs suggested that for better pacing, but I didn't because I didn't want to do everything all over again.
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    Btw guys, is it just me or you also thought about NieR while coming up with the background behind the clone idea?
    Warning, spoilers on both titles ahead.
    In both games the protagonist (and fellow guys, if any) is a clone created as a spare body in order to survive a deadly disease.
    In both cases the clones were created in a hurry, resulting in a mistake that gave them their own consciousness.
    Also in both cases the clones' DNA was corrupted due to the same mistake (as stated clearly in ES and hinted in NieR), resulting in a short lifespan.

    Not meaning to offend anyone, I liked both titles in fact :wink: - I'm just too curious at times.
    p.s. that "There's more of me, Gork." was really nice - even though it has been a while since I seen that cutscene.
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