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I didn't really play the game in earlier phases but have now 8 hours of gameplay and first of all would like to say that in general the game FEELS really good. I'm a fan of Freelancer and originally found this game when searching for something similar and am now glad that it has those elements that made flying and battling in space such fun in Freelancer. Especially the handling of the ship is super good, it's fun to just fly through meteors and wrecks and investigate the space.

Here's some issues/wishes I'm having:
  • Some of the UI elements need better highlighting or contrast to the background. I use a HTPC hooked to my TV to play, and have difficulties seeing things especially during fights. I lose the sight both of the crosshair and the evemy's aiming target so aiming is quite difficult. Also the indicators for lootable stuff often disappear into the background and I need to turn the ship sideways to them so the indicator goes the side of the screen and is easier to locate.
  • I'm kind of lost about the main plot. After meeting Seth Nobu, I've been flying and dying, raising my perks and getting better, but I have absolutely no idea if I'm supposed to be doing something, or if I have some goal to reach before the plot progresses, or if there even is a plot that would progress - maybe the rest is just flying around? The game might have told me this after Seth Nobu, but I wasn't paying that much attention, so now I'm just assuming that something happens at some point.
  • It would be nice to be able to target any object in the game (as in Freelancer) - not just enemies. Now I often am flying towards some destination in the distance, get distracted by something else and then end up turning around struggling to find the way I was flying earlier on.
  • Related to the previous - it would be nice to have some sort of local map that would show the areas you have already investigated. Now I constantly feel lost in space and aren't ever quite sure if I'm ready to leave or not.
  • Also I'm hoping that future development brings the possibility to go back to previous systems for unfinished business or to seek for certain enemies. Kinda like Freelancer had the systems map, which gave you a broader sense of the universe.
Anyways, nice to finally get to play the game, it's already great!


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    Hi! Thanks for playing the game and also thanks for your input.
    • We may look into the readability of certain UI elements again.
    • An option to show previous flashback scenes from within the menu is on our list of things to do.
    • Targeting any object would not be so easy to implement and would require a new key input or else you would constantly target unimportant objects while in a battle. I don't think we will add that feature.
    • There are some players that requested a map. We already tested that and felt it was quite useless. The areas are quite small and you should remember the three or four distinctive areas that are present in one location. Sure, it would be helpful but I think it's not really worth the screen space used for that.
    • Going back to a previous area won't be possible. We designed the game under that very premise so we didn't have to care about saving the state of things in an area. This saved us a lot of development time. Also, in this game it does not make any sense to go back.
    Sorry for saying no to most of the wishes, I hope it doesn't sound too negative. We are still always open for any other suggestions.
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    It's OK to say no when you have reasons for that. Thanks for the reply, looking forward for UI improvements. :)
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