May I suggest a minimum specs re-assesment?

So today I was playing EVERSPACE... again.

So much for exam week...

Usually when I play EVERSPACE, I get a solid 5 fps. Completely playable, but very stuttery and I often get shrekt by outlaw drones when my computer craps out.

But today, I figured out something really useful:
1. Go into fullscreen mode
2. Turn your graphics down to high or medium, depending on your computer graphics.
3. Set your resolution to around 1080p (I do 1280 x 720 or smthn like that and it looks great)
4. Enjoy your 45fps!

By the way, I'm running on an overheated Intel Iris HD 6100 (which has about half the power of a NVIDIA 480)

What do you think?
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