Possible Bug Ancient Rune (Rune Spoilers)

KroShanKroShan Posts: 8Member
I was just about to get the Berserker rune in a very good run with 15 Nanobots and Health lowered to about one third (Ancient Weapon).
I entered the hall and opened the vault watched the beautiful animation and suddenly got my hull drained. Within one or two second i got killed.
I didn't see any enemy in the hall nor did i hear the sound made by the ancients.
Maybe the vault animation is dangerous - but i never experienced this before...

First time i am really pissed off by the rougelike mechanic since the cause of the hulldrain was not visible. Next time i try to hit tab when anythig strange happens...


  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Posts: 1,098Moderator, Space Cat
    That seems very strange, indeed. Sounds like there had to be an Ancient Splitter nearby sucking you away, which don't make hardly any sound when doing so (which is even harder to hear during that beautiful Glyph-opening animation).

    But yeah, roguelikes provide endless content due to their randomization. Unfortunately, there are a couple times this randomization can hurt the player. Rest assured, the team is doing everything in their power to the FUN in functional, in this regard.
  • OshirigamiOshirigami Posts: 21Member
    Speaking of random FU things, I had one where I ran into a frigate with jump suppressor, solar flare, and the nearest asteroid to hide behind was 6KM away.
    I was using Ancient Weapon so I couldn't just ARC-9000 it.
    I couldn't hide behind the frigate to block the solar flare because the way it was turned ensured its turrets could hit me while I did, and in Hard difficulty they are dead accurate. And even if you do do this, it makes it hard to avoid that weird charge beam it does.
    I couldn't use the Jump stabilizer consumable because I only encountered a single black hole up until that point (very unusual as hard mode usually has an obnoxious amount) that I only got to pick up 4 from.

    So yeah. It was just an impossible situation.
    I think either:
    1. It should ensure it generates at least 10 obtainable dark matter by the end of Sector 4. Not ones in containers since you can't be expected to open them all, but some actually visible like in those shield draining clouds.
    2. Not spawn solar flares with jump inhib frigates (or make sure they are facing the star because I think the rear is the safest spot to hide behind, isn't it?)

    I mean sure I was using ancient weapon, and if I hadn't I'd be fine, but still.

    Also I don't quite understand the mechanic behind the frigates shields on turrets. There is no visual cue to it.
    It seems like you can't attack them in succession because some shield comes up making them immortal.
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