A "target nearest hostile" button would be nice to have.

DefiantSoulDefiantSoul Posts: 12Member
My previous post on this vanished somehow, so here's another.

As the title says, a classic space sim button for targeting the nearest hostile would be very helpful. Having to spin around and around putting the reticle over every contact to find the closest one gets a little old. This would greatly aid in threat assessment.

Simply hitting the target button with nothing under merely selects the target visibly closest to the reticle, regardless of distance or hostilities.


  • OshirigamiOshirigami Posts: 21Member
    It does auto target to when you hit them.

    I haven't felt a need for this, but it wouldn't hurt to have.
  • ES_145ES_145 Posts: 8Kickstarter Backer, Space Cat
    Actually this is one of the most important features that is missing. I absolutely hate the fact that I have to circle every single enemy when entering a new level, just to make sure that they are far enough.

    Even worse, when closing on group of enemies and I have one of them in focus, by the time that I get close enough there is already another which is closer to me. Even in that situation I have to constantly point at the enemies to find out which one is now closer.

    Absolutely terrible!
  • DefiantSoulDefiantSoul Posts: 12Member
    edited June 6

    It does auto target to when you hit them.

    I haven't felt a need for this, but it wouldn't hurt to have.

    I'm not sure how this is relevant. I don't have a problem targeting what I'm looking at. I'm talking about targeting the nearest hostile regardless of its orientation to me or my reticle, so I don't have to look at every single contact in the area just to find the closest one. Just like every other space sim has.
  • fourrierfourrier Posts: 3Member
    I think the best would be "Target lowest health in range."

    "Lowest health" is determined by the lowest amount of time required from your currently equipped weapon to deplete both their shield and hull

    "In range" is determined by your weapon range.

    This way, upon pressing this button you should be able to auto target drones/swarm fighter most of the time.
  • DefiantSoulDefiantSoul Posts: 12Member
    Having to whip around in circles and put my reticle on every enemy to find the most pressing threat is kind of annoying, to be honest. Can we get a classic, long time space sim stand-by target nearest hostile button, please?
  • ben1991ben1991 Posts: 8Member
    Yes, please, I think this is vital. Flailing around looking for the webber that's grabbed you is 100% not fun, because it's difficult simply because you can't target the -BEEP- thing.
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