Warships as of 1.07

boostedmedicboostedmedic Posts: 4Member
...so my question is, are they vulnerable in any way? I feel like you should be able to destroy them if you put enough effort into it, they seem to have weakpoints IE turrets...? Whats up with that? I hate that "OH THE BIG BAD HAS ARRIVED YOU MUST FLEE TO SURVIVE"

C'Mon man. My gunship is wicked bad.


  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Posts: 1,098Moderator, Space Cat
    Think of the Warship more like an in-game timer. When it gets to zero, you're basically dead.

    The different here is that there's a cool visual for your encroaching death, and a chance to still escape. Warships are not meant to be assaulted.

    Even a little Gunship compared to the might of an all-powerful Warship of the Colonial Fleet can't be denied.
  • invenioinvenio Posts: 108Member
    Also, if you want this dynamic removed from the game, you can always equip the "Low Profile" glyph. I actually do this as standard as I don't like to be rushed. :smile:
  • Mr. MagniloquentMr. Magniloquent Posts: 20Member
    If you have the Thermal Gun, they become exceedingly easy to destroy--you just need to be patient. I neutered three adjacent warships at the Zone 1 jump point. It's a shame that you can't actually destroy them.
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