Pinned "Known Issues" thread and better search function.

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Recently I submitted a bug and I noticed that there is not a pinned topic that points out all of the issues that are already known. In order to try and avoid flooding the forum with more topics on things already discovered, I tried to search the forums for my issue and found how out how terrible the search function is.

I can tell that this forum is obviously not a previously designed element and that the Everspace peoples must have created it from scratch. Though I understand how difficult it must be to add features, users desperately need to be able to have search options. The results I got in my search were no more helpful than simply scrolling through a given forum manually. In fact, the search feature was WORSE than manually performing the task myself due to the results being globally from every forum section.

This forum's search needs to have parameters to let us narrow our results and search by sub-forum categories.

Again, this forum also needs a curated list of issues that are already known. I have no clue how the developers can possibly keep up with reports when they have to go through so much redundant data. It's a waste of everyone's time.


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    Hey @JonSnowShoveler thanks for your input!

    I definitely agree with your points: Having a dedicated list of issues would be great to have, though it might also be taxing for the small team of developers to keep it up-to-date while trying to get the next round out.

    I'll see if I can't help out this cause, as well. Here's hoping we can make things easier for people looking for information.
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    @Giraffasaur I don't think it's important that the developers keep the list, but if anyone could curate it, it'd help everyone. I'd like to know how they keep up with the reported issues if they don't keep a list somewhere; I'm not entirely certain of your point of it being taxing. As I mentioned previously, the redundant data they must pour through on the forums has got to be far less efficient and time consuming than simply keeping a list. If the community is made aware of the content on that list, it means less effort to check new topics against the list themselves, where instead the users will have hopefully already done that before posting said redundant data.

    There's a reason there's a known issues list in any game or mod that is in development. It helps everyone be more efficient.
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