[Xbox] Taking one for the Team - Achievement [spoiler]

HratgardHratgard Posts: 7Member
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Taking one for the team is an achievement for defeating Gorc according to the description.
To bring on the battle against Gorc and his Warship you have to collect all 8 DNA samples and he will be in sector 7 when you arrive.

Well I took down his ship - this coincided with my less than 1 hour run for that achievement too, so it was done on Easy.
He and I blew up - but I never did get that achievement for defeating him.

Is this a bug? I see 2 people have the achievement according to TrueAchievment, which versifies that it is possible to get it, but also 2 is not a lot. Seems like it might be semi broken?

Or are you supposed to run into him again and defeat him once more?
On subsequent runs to sector 7 - you arrive at an empty area with a big crater and nothing more.


  • HratgardHratgard Posts: 7Member
    This must be bugged. I have all other achievements in the game, but the on for defeating Gorc never popped.
  • HratgardHratgard Posts: 7Member
    Wish you could reset the story and not your perks, bps and such, cause then I could just regather the 8 dna and try the fight again, I am not too keen on resetting everything.
  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Posts: 1,086Moderator
    Hi, thanks for reporting - we'll have a look - I'm sure it once worked (I'm one of the people who got the achievement on Xbox) but probably something changed after that broke it. I'm sure we'll find a fix that won't require a reset.
  • Stealth fingerStealth finger Posts: 5Member
    I also have a thing where I should've unlocked another achievement alongside the under an hour one, maybe the issue is related.
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