Add achievements to gog version-Listen to the problems of gog users

aguilaaguila Posts: 4Member
-Achievements are optional but I have bought the game in gog and I do not know why in steam has achievements and in gog have not added achievements.

Many gog users feel undervalued.

If you are not going to add achievements in gog you should not sell it at the same price as in steam

-We have a forum on aimed at the game but there does not answer any of the developers of the game. When we have had a problem no one has helped us.

I know that gog is still not steam but gog is a platform that is growing and its users deserve the same respect as steam users


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    Hey @aguila thank you for your post.

    The developers began the Kickstarter two years ago with limited supplies and a limited launch point. Since then, they have respected the varying requests for other platforms, branching and reaching out to make this possible so more gamers may enjoy the experience.

    I can assure you the developers hear your voice and are taking great strides to bring the content they've worked hard to produce to as many people as possible. And for being a small, independent studio being able to make this happen is quite the feat. They respect ALL consumers, regardless of platform.

    Additionally, because it is a small team, this very Forum is a common ground for ANYONE to access, ask questions and find solutions and keeps the team focused on producing the content everyone deserves. It's hard for such a team to watch and respond to tens of forums all across the internet; centralizing these topics reduces the needed manpower to make sure everyone is getting what they need while still being able to work toward the game's development.

    All this said, I haven't heard anything regarding GOG Achievements, though @ROCKFISH_Sven should be able to shed some light on the situation! :smiley:
  • aguilaaguila Posts: 4Member

    The developers have done a great job with this game. I just ask that if they add a steam option (for example: achievements) they also add that option in gog.

    And I pray that if they write in the steam forums, they also answer questions on the gog forums.

    I am a user of gog and steam, and I ask that both platforms be respected equally.
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