Suggestions. Minor quality of life features.

Kligan87Kligan87 Member Posts: 4
I already suggested it on steam forums, but I'll post it here as well. Just in case, you know :D

Firs, I would like to suggest a zoom functionality (press and hold button to zoom, release to go back to normal view). It will be very handy for anyone who does not have 4k monitor. Squinting at the screen trying to figure out what's that thing in the distance is kinda annoying.

Second, proximity alert in cockpit view. Since I can't physically see what's below me, I hit random stuff with my ship's belly on multiple occasions. And if it's gunship, then it hurts A LOT, since it does not have shields. I remember playing X series and they had a subtle proximity alert that was going off whenever your ship was at risk of hitting something. Maybe add something like that whenever your about to rub your ship's bottom on a rock? A subtle quiet beep or whatever.
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