New player feedback - Needs an "auto-run" hotkey and/or a system map

SpirytusSpirytus Posts: 2Member
Addicting game, loving it, good work... Before I get back to it I'd like to leave this quick feedback:

1. For keyboard controls: Please consider adding an "auto-run" function to free up one finger (that's currently dedicated to holding down the forward or back key). For example, during combat when I'm constantly holding down the forward key (or back sometimes), while at the same time trying to strafe left and/or go up and/or and roll right it becomes quite awkward.

In this game you're almost always on constant move (forward or backwards) so why not give the players to option to double tap on the W or the S keys to lock the ship into forward or backward thrust freeing up a finger?

2. System map would be nice? This may have been a design decision but I would love to have the ability to see which sections of the current system/level remains unexplored? Depending on the level design (availability of visual markers) sometimes I become quite disoriented at the end of a combat round. On some occasions I've found myself double backing to the start of the map without realizing it: this is especially a costly mistake for anyone playing the slow gunship.



  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Posts: 1,098Moderator, Space Cat
    Both great suggestions; thanks for your input!
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