I Can't change My Device with press 3

Iriandi01Iriandi01 Posts: 3Member
There is only one device i can use like a primary device, Shield Boost example. But the other devices slot not appear when I press or hold 3 button. Then, I trying to remove all devices and pickup only one. Well, just basic device only worked. Did it bug or just misunderstanding ?

exactly my other devices like trash when i don't know how i used it :v
Regards for help

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  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Posts: 1,086
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    This is not a bug - only active devices (that need a button to activate and work for a short period of time) are listed and shown in the HUD - and the Weapon Overdrive is the only active device you have on board. Passive devices work all the time without the need for activation and the Shield and Energy Core Extension are passive devices (you can't equip or activate them - they work automatically). Please take note that passive devices do take away from your energy pool (they allocate energy) - take note of the "red" portion of your energy bar below the crosshair.


  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Posts: 1,098Moderator, Space Cat
    Shield Booster is a Consumable, rotated on slot 4 (thus needing the player to press 4). Devices are rotated on slot 3.

    Are you sure you aren't talking about Consumables?
  • Iriandi01Iriandi01 Posts: 3Member
    Eh?, I'm forget if Shield booster is consumable.
    typo : Weapon Overdrive or shiold for example.

    I can't switch it
  • Iriandi01Iriandi01 Posts: 3Member
    This is the bug, or it just installation bug for me.
  • ToshTosh Posts: 8Member
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    No Bug, your Shield is passive. It didnt need to activate! Its always on! So it doesnt appear in your circular menu. Your Energy Core extention is a paaive device too. So you have the bonus all the time.
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