Don't repair all my hull when I hit F on the repair screen, most of the time!

indiebobindiebob Member Posts: 9
Or rather....

1. If there's more than 1 nanobot's worth of repairs to do, the default result of hitting F once will repair as much as possible equal to the largest while number of nanobots I can use fully to repair my ship. So, if for example, the amount of damage to my ship would be repaired by 3 and a half nanobots, hitting F once would repair 3 bots worth of damage, not "wasting". part of a 4th on the final smaller amount of damage. However, if I hit F a second time, it will repair everything.
2. if there's less than 1 nanobot's worth of repairs to my ship, pressing F repairs all remaining damage, costing me 1 nanobot.

I may be wrong, but this may be the way it used to work. If so, bring it back!
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