Two things I don't like about this game

CocoCoco GermanySupporter, Customer Posts: 14
I played the newly released version 1.0 of Everspace today and must say that all was going well and I actually was enjoying the game.

However, there were two things that ended my game quickly in sector 4 and i'm currently so annoyed about it that I don't want to play it again anytime soon. While the second was in the early access version already, the first one seems to be new in version 1.0:

1. In sector 4, I suddenly faced some Okkar ships (scouts maybe?) which teleported away everytime I had their shields down. When I turned around to focus them again, their shield was back up already and the chase started anew. I've been fighting them for multiple minutes without any progress, because it simply was impossible to kill them due to that blink ability (unfortunately, I just had light rockets, so those weren't helpful either). I eventually had to give up and started exploring the sector while they continued shooting me nonstop. I thought it probably was some special enemy in that region, but of course they came back in the next one.

2. Why on earth are there always Okkar forces approaching after some minutes? No time to explore the region, just rush, rush, rush and miss important things before you have to jump to the next one. You could as well just add a dumb 5 minutes timer making the ship explode if you don't leave before it runs out. This is just stupid! Of course in sector 4 there was a device interfering my jump drive and due to a minefield I couldn't find/reach it until the Okkar forces turned up: Two corvettes and a dozen smaller ships/drones. Seriously, this is just bollocks. It's the immediate forced end of the game, causing nothing but anger and frustration.

So I hope something can be done about these two points. Otherwise, I'm afraid that I'm done with the game already...


  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Administrator, Moderator, Space Cat Posts: 1,110
    Sounds like you're struggling with two of the challenges of the game @Coco .

    There are several ways to deal with Okkar Interceptors. Know that once you get their shields down completely, they will remain deactivated for a short amount of time to plummet their hull. Using a Shield Disruptor is the easiest method of taking them down fast, but many shield-damaging weapons do the trick quickly, as well.

    Okkar Forces chasing down the player adds tension to the game. This is very intentional, giving the player constant reason to move forward. If you're not a fan of this, be on the lookout for the Low Profile Glyph. When using it, Okkar Forces will no longer chase you down, giving you infinite amounts of time in every area (though you'll have to deal with a Jump Suppressor every area, guaranteed, when using it).

    I'll be creating a Tips & Tricks video for pilots; I'll make sure I include tactics for certain enemies, and the Okkar Interceptor with Teleport is definitely one that requires a bit of patience and focus. I believe in your victory; don't give up.

    Everspace is a brutal game. But you can overcome it!
  • indiebobindiebob Member Posts: 9
    1. I think you will work it out in the end. There's always the option not to fight them and fly off, of course.
    2. This adds to the gameplay, forces you to decide what you will explore, or, in cases where you scan a sector, what you will collect, given limited time.
  • troopitroopi Member Posts: 83
    Indeed, those challenges are the core of the game. Everspace is not a space sightseeing adventure. It's a survival shooter. If you reach sector 4 ill equipped, then you can just say goodbye to that run.
    Some tips:
    time slow module - get the extra time you need to run away or blast that enemy to oblivion.
    shield breaker missile - nuff said.
    use terrain - g&b forces are your friends if you can get the okkar to shoot at their fuel compartments (plus extra fuel without setting the g&b as enemies)
    if outlaws are abroad, pass by, and they will certainly start picking at the okkar.
    black hole - if the area has one, go around, let the nasty thing do its job against enemies (it wont work on bigger ships, though)
    arc missile- gather resources to build them, they are never enough against huge packs of enemies.
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