Will EVERSPACE ever be optimized for Low End devices?

Before I begin, here are my system specs:

2016 MacBook pr 13-Inch
Intel Core i5 2.7GHz (I configured it to 2.9GHz)
8GB RAM 1667MHz DDR3
256GB Memory
Intel Iris Integrated Graphics 6100, 1536MB

So yesterday I was over at my friend's, and I played EVERSPACE on his laptop, with the exact same system specs.
I have been considering buying EVERSPACE for some time now, but when I played it on his computer, it ran at a solid 10FPS.

*koff koff

I mean, that's just unplayable. I was busy fiddling with my Gatling gun while getting my -BEEP- kicked by a bunch of Okkar Drones. My friend said that I was trash. What happened to 1200 hours on Star Citizen?

I have yet to get to the worst part. :neutral:

The worst part is, when the Colonial Warship (or any other large ship, in this case) shows up, my game crashes. It just stops working. By the way, I'm running this at minimum graphics. From what I've heard, you'd be lucky to escape the Warship's grasp, but for me it's just you and your measly little interceptor are very screwed.

What a shame.

So, I was wondering if Rockfish would ever show some sympathy and help optimize everspace to run on some less graphics-oriented PCs and/or macs.

To Rockfishy, if you are reading this:
Your game is awesome! I absolutely love it. After playing all of these space games like KSP, SWBF, Star Citizen, etc. etc., your gem is definetly the best one yet. I am definitely buying your game, even if I can't play or run it. After all, every little bit counts.

Cut the pretty speech anyways.

My point is, if you can't optimize the game for better FPS, well...


If you could optimize it, AWESOME!

To everybody else who is reading this:
If you could give me some advice for solving this issue, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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  • TheGeniusTheGenius Posts: 4Member
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    The thing is - when using bootcamp on a Mac and thus playing under Windows (but with the same hardware) in our experience the performance has always been much much better. It seems that Unreal Engine with Direct X work a lot better than Unreal Engine with Metal.

    Thanks for your time, Andi!
    After reading what you've said, I have two things to say.

    1. Macs are trash. (Apple you suck you ruined my favorite game for me.)

    2. I'm buying the game tomorrow, but I'm worried that my mac won't be able to run it. (I mean, I partitioned the disk 170GB macOS // 80GB Windows.) Could it be the storage space issue?

    Also, could you give me an estimate of my FPS if I were to play EVERSPACE on windows 10, with my system specs? (My friend got a solid 4 FPS through my first run.)

    One last thing - is Windows 10 good for running EVERSPACE? Would it work better on Win7? (How about Windows 98? jk i was just messing with you ;) )

    EDIT: What is DirectX? I'm terrible with drivers and that sort of thing. Is there a preference between Metal and DX in terms of EVERSPACE? Should I get DX11 or DX12?

    Sorry I'm using you as tech support. I should really go bother apple.

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