Everspace Wiki in need of editors!

Grendal27Grendal27 Member, Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES2 Posts: 48
The official Everspace wiki (https://everspace.gamepedia.com/Everspace_Wiki) is in need of editors, especially with the big release coming in a few days! We would be very appreciative of any help you could give us.

I've just started playing this game and decided to help out the wiki, which is somewhat outdated in many pages and is still missing a lot of info. Pretty much all of the pages could be improved somehow, with editing of wording, removing inaccurate information, and adding images. You can also view the to-do list at https://everspace.gamepedia.com/Talk:Everspace_Wiki to see what we know needs to be done. I'm sure I missed some stuff when I created it, so please add to it if you see something missing from the wiki. There's no need to be super dedicated, you could just edit or add pages here and there, but keep in mind that people will be searching for info and the wiki should be the best place to find it.



  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Administrator, Moderator, Space Cat Posts: 1,110
    Thank you for bringing this to the Everspace Community's attention.

    I've made this thread an Announcement so others can find it more easily.
  • SteamBrainsSteamBrains Space Cat Posts: 72
    Yeah most of my v0.4 stuff has been changed since then, I'll start working on it again.
  • parameterparameter Common Backer ES1, Customer Posts: 19
    edited June 2017
    For anybody wanting to add more screenshot content and possibly gifs (if they are supported on the wiki), might I suggest ShareX as great screenshot program that can do many steps all in one.

    I wrote a guide some time back to help people get started using ShareX and to see some of it's powerful features.

    NOTE: I am in no way trying to advertise anything here (it's free software and I honestly couldn't even tell you who makes it, I never paid attention), but simply offering a tool to help people contribute to the wiki easier. In my opinion, it's one of the most powerful tools that changed the way I use my computer and the internet.
  • Grendal27Grendal27 Member, Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES2 Posts: 48
    I've also been using Lightshot for taking screenshots as it's very easy to use. Never heard of ShareX, I'll check it out. Thanks!
  • Grendal27Grendal27 Member, Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES2 Posts: 48
    edited June 2017
    If you're looking for something easy to do, the Perks page is the easiest project at the moment. All we need
    there now are costs and info for various levels of pretty much everything, as well as the rest of the perks for the Scout and Gunship. Thanks.
  • Grendal27Grendal27 Member, Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES2 Posts: 48
    Another easy thing to do is taking some cool screenshots in-game and uploading them to the wiki! I could probably use them in a page somewhere to show more examples of something, or just to spice up the wiki a little.
  • Firebrand_81Firebrand_81 Member Posts: 6
    I noticed that the Everspace Wiki isn't updated with the Encounters stuff. It's a pity. Can I help in some way?
  • Grendal27Grendal27 Member, Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES2 Posts: 48
    Whoops, sorry for not seeing this a little sooner. I haven't bought the DLC yet, but I will soon. I also haven't had much time to work on the wiki recently. If you want to help (and that'd be awesome!), try taking a look at other pages on the wiki, like Equipment. You could copy paste the base format of one of those and make a new page for a new piece of equipment in the DLC. You could do the same for other stuff, too. You could even just send me as much info as you know about everything, or upload some screenshots of new stuff. Anything would be great! Let me know if you need any help, or want to help more.
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