Key doesn't work

NesQuickNesQuick Posts: 3Member
Hi! I just bought key (Steam version) from official Everspace site and it doesn't work. When i input it in Steam it say "Invalid product code". Please what i should do?


  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Posts: 1,098Moderator, Space Cat
    Hey @NesQuick , oh no that stinks! Do you have your order #? If so, you'll just have to wait until tomorrow for the devs to be in the office and check this out, plus hooking you up with your Forum Badge as well.

    @ROCKFISH_Andi should be able to help you out with that.
  • NesQuickNesQuick Posts: 3Member
    By order # you mean transaction number. I don't have any number with #. I use paypal for transaction. I also contact Xsolla and they told my that transaction is O.K. but that i must contact dev. team for this problem.
  • ROCKFISH_UweROCKFISH_Uwe HamburgPosts: 102Administrator
    @NesQuick Lic. department says that a new key has been sent out to you by email. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your support.
  • NesQuickNesQuick Posts: 3Member
    Problem solved. I received a new key. Thanks for support.
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