No Joystick/HOTAS support in v1.0 - to be added post release

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Hello Everspace Community! We're almost down to ONE WEEK LEFT for the full launch.
@ROCKFISH_Andi has some important information regarding joystick controls at release:

Before buying, please be aware that the game currently does not support joysticks. We will start working on joystick support right after release.

Also note that only XInput controllers are fully supported (XBox controllers and the likes). When playing in VR you will have to rely on a controller.

We know that there are many space game fans out there who own joysticks and might be wondering why there currently is no support. Please consider the following:
  • Unreal Engine 4 does not offer native Joystick support in version 4.14 (which we are currently using) and we are a fairly small team of 12 people, with until very recently only 3 coders working full-time on the game.
  • Everspace was specifically designed for mouse and keyboard. It is the recommended way to play as the game is not a simulation but an arcade space shooter. Like in First Person Shooters you are going to be strafing a lot and will greatly benefit from precision aiming when using a mouse.


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    Please consider allowing joystick and mouse simultaneously. I've had a lot of fun with throttle on y and roll on X combined with the precision flying/aiming of a mouse in a couple other games and may go well with Everspaces's (alt)freelook. My joystick programing does allow key's to be dropped into custom axis zones which i plan on trying but analog thats featured in the gamepad support would be prefered for gently gliding through these new explorable stations for example.

    i can imagihne having fun with a mouse for direction in left hand and straffe up,down,left,right on x and Rz and roll on the X axis of a joystick. alt key looking,flying direction and target locking could be bound to mouse. I play games on the PC because they allow such a variety of input devices tht feature customizability. Your motto is something like"no more mobile" well welcome to PC gaming ROCKFISH- maybe go all the way or consider selling this game for $19. Interesting to how "we will have to rely on a controller in VR" also.
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    This is awesome!!!
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    Joystick support, console release and hardcore mode were all kickstarter stretch goals that weren't reached as far as I'm aware.
    It shows what absolute legends Rockfish are for implementing all these features, at some time or other, even though they never hit the stretch goals in the kickstarter campaign.
    Plus the gamepad controls are spot on. I put away the dual sticks I was using for Elite and much prefer using my DS3.
    Cheers Rockfish for everything you've done and are doing!
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