The infamous NanoGoo

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Hi mates
Troopi's diary, day 01, May, year whatever.
So there I was, with a scout ship named Robin Hood (a sweet forest green cutie), already at Sector 6, with all the required resources to finish the run.
Like a mad man I engaged an okkar swarm, just to lunge against an okkar frigate that was brawling with an outlaw drone carrier. Killed them all, felt like batman, or should I say Robin of Locksley?
Then I saw the screen go red. Boosted and turned around to face my enemy. Oh, it was the infamous nanogoo.
The darn thing went after me at snail-speed. So I just left it there and boosted to the other side of the map, where many things were still left to collect. Then my screen went red again. -BEEP-! The nanogoo was already there, sucking at my hull.
Scouts are pretty susceptible to these bites, and the constant nagging turn me mad. I got some distance and shot at it. Bad move. Soon the nanojerk bursts into a million -BEEP-, and... Boom. I was dead.
Story moto: never mess with Mr. nanogoo. Seems like he can hit you no matter the distance, no matter your escaping speed.



  • troopitroopi Posts: 83Member

    Mr. NanoGoo chewing at a trader. B)
  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Posts: 1,098Moderator, Space Cat
    There are ways to take out gray goo without taking damage. Directly assaulting it is not one of them, though.

    RIP Robin Hood
  • invenioinvenio Posts: 108Member
    Any more hints on how to deal with these "gray goo's"?
  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Posts: 1,098Moderator, Space Cat
    edited May 2017
    invenio said:

    Any more hints on how to deal with these "gray goo's"?

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    Good luck!
  • troopitroopi Posts: 83Member
    Minefields... I wonder, but one can always lure it against other ships. Even G&B pals have their use.
  • SteamBrainsSteamBrains Posts: 72Space Cat
    G&B always have their use

  • NesefaceNeseface Posts: 27Member
    huh, ran into some while fighting a corvette the other day... It kept picking off bits of hull from me, the corvette, and the drones, made it easy...
    My flack cannon rippped the thing to shreds, though it did reduce me to 10% hull before it was over. Was a close thing. I didn't intend to start a fight, but one of my stray shots on the corvette must have pissed it off.
  • PacketlossPacketloss Posts: 22Member
    As soon as you see it pop, TAB to your inventory and eat a Damage Limiter.
  • NenacuNenacu Posts: 69Customer, Collector Beta Backer
    Funny story about the grey goo. I was having a rather nice scout run myself, just trying to pick up extra access keys so that I could get the remaining sub-routines I'd yet to find. Exiting one such room in a dark nebula just before sector seven, I popped an Arc-9000 to get rid of some interceptors and other baddies that were nagging me just outside of my safe room. This turned out to be a rather bad idea. No sooner had the arc been released than I was torn apart by a grey goo that had just been floating around in the black.

    Moral of the story: Be careful where you shoot off your arcs. There may be goo there and the run will end.
  • NesefaceNeseface Posts: 27Member
    I've had about 50/50 on my ARC-9000 luck... SEriously, half the time it ends up ruining my run, the other half it saves the day.
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