Some ideas on how to speed up the action

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After playing all weekend, I have come up with a few suggestions. I selfishly hope they make it into the game because I think I'd have even more fun playing with them. Mostly these are things I wish the UI had. I don't think they will change the balance of the game at all. They just cut out some of the tedious stuff so we can spend more time blowing stuff up!
  1. Detailed resource icons in the HUD. Show gas icon for gas, fuel for fuel, etc.
  2. Show object distances and/or names when using lookaround mode.
  3. Create a dedicated slot for scanning probes. I found myself going through the "Drop Consumable X -> Craft Scanning Probe -> Use Scanning Probe -> Pick up X" a lot and it felt unnecessary IMO.
  4. When a cluster of resources is far away (>2km?) or offscreen, show a "resource cluster" icon instead of all of the individual icons. For example, if there's an asteroid which is 3.5km away and it has 2 mineable crystals and 2 tech containers, then show this:

    ,', 4 (3.5km)

    The game would be more enjoyable if I could just plan roughly "go to point-of-interest A and get everything, skip point-of-interest B becasue it's too far" instead of having to re-evaluate where all the blue dots are constantly. It's still useful to see what types of resources are at a specific location, but that could be solved by blowing up the resource cluster icon when aiming at it directly or when using lookaround mode.
  5. Some way to highlight a navigation target (like middle mouse click on a resource icon, trader, or jump gate). If I get in a fight and want to pick up where I left off, I have to get my bearings again, which makes my head hurt :)
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