Deeper NPC/hostile immersion

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Hi folks!
Another idea to share with the Devs:
It would be great if whenever an NPC or enemy sends radio coms, a small window appeared with dialogue and animation. IT would really make it more immersive.
Those G&B dudes also need some speech lines. They're really pals.
And it would be great to see/hear the commander of an okkar corvette threatening you to death:
- You wretch! Surrender and die like the worm you are!
- I will shatter you ship and bones, and your soul will be flayed by the ancients!

There's another topic also.
It would be more immersive if the enemies/npcs descriptions included race/ship type/ special name, instead of the simplistic okkar scout, or outlaw fighter mk2

Let's see the variances
Okkar ship types: interceptor, scout, light fighter, heavy fighter, gunship, corvette, destroyer, drone carrier, etc...
Okkar pilots (used to play the comms animation and monologue): rookie, standard (this one id needs not to appear, but it would be fun if the rookie appeared), Ace, Lord.

Outlaws: ferret MP /multipurpose ship), ironside SG (smuggler ship), rhino BLW (bulwark ship), titan MS (mobile siege destroyer)
Outlaw Pilots: newbie, merc (standard), veteran (ace level), Master (Lord level)

G&B (what does it stand for? Gin&Bourbon?): leaf LES (light escort), thorn HES (heavy escort), oak WR(warrior)
Pilots: scrub (rookie level), standard, chief (ace level), overseer (lord level)

Pirates: (bigger ships, slower, tougher, heavy firepower - the scary guys -attack everyone and everything)
sloop, cutter, frigate, galleon, manowar
Pirate Pilots: dog, scoundrel (standard), scourge (ace level), Captain (Lord level)

Free Worlds: (friendly with the R&B and player, rebel against okkars, and outlaws)
ships: mule HL (hauler, slow, vulnerable ship, drops resources), shield EF (enforcer ship - great shields), bastion GB (gunboat, slow but turret missiles), sword SL (slayer ship, very fast, vulnerable, but with one dangerous ray of death weapon)
Pilots: rook, soldier (standard level), knight (ace level), bishop (Lord level)

Hope this helps to everspace future.
Cheers to all!
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