Challenge Seed Runs - Making Single Player Content Competitive

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Hello Everspace Community and Rockfish Games,

I wanted to throw out an idea that could add a bit of longevity to Everspace's game life. This would not be able to make the game at launch due to the required implementation of it's components, but it would provide a great reason for people to keep coming back and playing for more.

One of the most requested features of Everspace seems to be "add multiplayer." Without going into the gritty details behind why that can't happen, I do see a way to make the single player experience competitive with other players online.

First, a Diablo III video for reference. Watch the first minute or two and this will establish a pretty solid foundation for what I'll be discussing here. I recommend watching from 0:28 to 1:12.

After having watched the beginning tidbit, replace "Challenge Rift" with "Challenge Seed Run," and replace "Character" with "Player Ship" in your head. If you need to watch the clip again, please do so.

Basically, you must complete a run with a specific predetermined ship (specific layout + preselected perks + preselected enhancements) and manage it through a generated seed. This same ship and seed would be a weekly (or bi-monthly) challenge offered to ALL players of Everspace, and a high score list would show how your rank among all other pilots and friends.

Next week comes around, a new challenge (with a new predetermined ship on a new generated seed) pops up, with a fresh leaderboard for results.

This could be a great way to add competitive replayability to the game. It allows for players to compare their skills with who runs the fastest, who gets the highest credit total, who accrues the most kills, etc. I know I would want to come back for each new challenge offered to see how I compared on the rankings!

I'd like to stress that this kind of Challenge, if even implemented, wouldn't be seen for months. But the idea sounds like something I could really get into, and I would love to have ways of interacting with my friends who also play the game.

So, what do you think? Is it something you would get involved with? Would you like to have some kind of high score leaderboards to see how you compare? Do you think this is too much and just prefer your casual single player experience to yourself? Let me know in a comment below; I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for your time!



  • troopitroopi Member Posts: 83
    I like it. It would be still single player, but with weekly challenges. Nice.
  • MDranger91MDranger91 Member Posts: 3
    I also like the idea of challenges. It might help keep players who aren't huge rouge-like fans interested. I can picture a system similar to the daily and weekly challenges from Destiny. Adding point values to the challenges could be fun too, perhaps the points could unlock ship skins/colors or even new items (although I would be fine with just a leaderboard).
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