I'm gonna build an OP Gunship, and the Ancients are gonna pay for it!

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Ok so, quick word about me. I'm "That guy" you know the one. I play the Sorcerer instead of the Wizard, the Warlock instead of the Mage. When everybody else is using an AWP, I have a Scout. Anybody who has played a campaign where the DM has had to create specific scenarios to counter one of their players has met me. I like theory, and I like looking at options other people arent picking and asking myself, 'How am I gonna make this work?'

So the new patch came out, and I started farming up the new glyphs. One grabbed my attention largely because of the text on the card.
"Equalizer. Pros: After each jump the hull is set to 50%. Cons: After each jump the hull is set to 50%" Ok, how am I gonna make this work? A few hours later I was fairly certain I needed to write a guide on what I had done.

THE BUILD: 'Wallowing Sniper', or 'Packetloss's Point and Click Adventure'
Equalizer - Sets the hull to 50% after each jump (only jumps that require fuel. Doesnt include jumpgates)
Ancient Weapon - a Shock Rifle that does mega damage per shot, even more the lower your HP is. Costs hp+en to fire
Devastator - +50% weapon damage, -30% energy recharge rate

You're gonna want some points in your Gunship's Armor, HP, and Energy stuff. Devices too. Component Damage Reduction is nice. And of course get all three enhancement slots. FUN FACT the ancient weapon can crit! It's only a 5% chance but I one-shot a corvette once

DEVICES (5 slots)
Adaptive Armor - This is optional. Your call if you want to use it or not. Remember, the less HP you have the more damage you deal, so if you want to go a bit naked I wont judge. The damage the weapon does to you when it's fired is mitigatable and fairly minor, I think 2-3hp per shot. I personally use armor in my build so if needed i can eat a damage limiter and become immune to Gray Goo splash attack
Tractor Beam - Also optional, but considering how poorly the gunship handles I decided to include it for quality of life
Extend Time - This is what you're gonna use as your main combat cooldown. Use it liberally. I use this to clear out a Carrier's drone shield as quickly as possible
Front Shield - What's more unfair than a sniper camping outside sensor range? that sniper with an impenetrable shield.
Turrets - No. Seriously. If they're close enough for you to Turret them, you have other options at your disposal like...
Energy Discharger - You have three options when it comes to snipers. A.) hunt them down and try to shoot their translucent outline. B.) Do something with devices that I havn't thought of, or C.) Activate your front shield, fly right into where you're pretty certain they are, and evaporate everything within point and laugh distance. I pick C every time. The Discharger has other uses too! Like clearing minefields or serving as the best welcoming party ever for people that trace your sensor probe. With a 240 deep battery, the gunship has great synergy with this device. WARNING: if you have a tendency to misclick things, switch away from the discharger when you enter a service station (I'm so, so sorry about that G&B)
Energized Boost - I normally craft a lvl 1 of these whenever I want to farm some dark matter, but if you come from the church of Sonic and can't stand going slow, you can replace something optional like the tractor beam, armor, or even the core discharger for this. I would probably ditch the armor.

50% HP is your new normal. Dont bother healing above this. At 50% hp the weapon card reads 180 damage per shot. Thanks to Giraffasaur for testing this out on an interceptor (#shoutout!), we know that at 1hp the weapon reads at 239.39 damage per shot. Brief interlude for math
Interceptor with Daredevil at 1HP = 239.39 x 1.25 = 299.2375 damage per shot
Gunship with Devastator at 50% HP = 180 x 1.5 = 270 damage per shot

TLDR Gunship with 650hp and up to 60% passive armor does about 30 less damage per shot than an interceptor with 1 hp and no shield. That gap closes the more damaged you are, and it closes rapidly.
At 325(25%HP) you deal 210 x 1.5 = 315 per shot.

If you get a big haul of nanobots, dont worry! Thanks to Equalizer you start the next sector back at 180 damage base. If you hit a patch of bad luck and barely survive an area with constant solar storms, guess what? that's right, back to 650hp after the jump. This is not a glass cannon build. This is an A10 Warthog build.

So that's it. If you have a pretty nicely leveled gunship, give the build a shot and post your results :D


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    I absolutely love your dedication to flushing out this build! Looks like you've got some solid synergies going on here, and this is going to pack a serious punch.

    It does beg the question, though: Should this kind of high-tierd power (like Meta Knight in Super Smash Brothers Brawl, completely overpowering any other character including the second tier) be achievable in the game? Or, should this be flushed out and made a little more evenly (even though it's a single-player experience)?
  • troopitroopi Member Posts: 83
    Nah. I love it. Keep it. Do it. Use it. -BEEP-, it's not like players will use this setup every time, but when they want to play the infamous-death-ray-of-infinite-doom, it's the best.
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