Perks are bugged

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I just bought the game yesterday and did like five runs. I really like the concept of the game and I'm still pretty excited to have lots a further runs. One thing I realised and what really frustrated me is the following point. Inside the perk menu I'm able to spend credits and upgrade the perk. After I've done that, the progress bar and the price increases but the perk level will still on the first stage. For example I upgraded my sector scanner three times and the progress bar + credits (I need to spent) increased every time but I'm still on stage 0 of 4. Are there any known bugs or did I just did something wrong? I would be really thankful for any kind of help as I'm a big fan of space adventures since I played freelancer!


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    I'm sorry for my Englisch as I'm not a native speaker but I hope you can understand my thoughts.
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    Hello @p0wn ! Thanks for joining the forums.

    There are two types of Perk Progression. The first kind (that you experienced) are multi-step; for these, you have to purchase multiple times before activating a level the Perk. These Perks are much cheaper and allow for easier ways to sink Credits into something before a run.

    The second type of Perks are instantaneous; every level is a single purchase. These Perks are more expensive, but have immediate benefits to putting Credits into them.

    Having these two separate options gives players more ways to spend their Credits (either all at once or in small amounts) in order to use as much as possible before starting their next run.
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    @Giraffasaur thanks for your reply! I'll keep that in mind.
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