What I don't like about EVERSPACE (in its current form)

indiebobindiebob Posts: 9Member
I love playing EVERSPACE, it has great graphics, love the exploration and not knowing quite what will pop up at any stage, the design is great, love the flight model and combat mechanics and the devices and weapons are just great... but there are two big flaws in it which I really don't like. Let me preface all this that I am [obviously not] pulling punches and that this is just my personal opinion, not meant to be the difinitive word on anything. That said, I wouldn't be posting them here if I didn't think I had a point.

1. The permanent upgrades you get after each death.

I would MUCH prefer a system which would allow me to upgrade my ship as I go along, during a single run so that I have to improve to face the final boss over time, rather than one which makes the game progressively easier every time I play it, so that, in the end I more or less make it by default.

Yes, I could up the difficulty, but that's not the same, because it's not about making the game harder, it's about the sense of accomplishment which the current system removes. I'd like to start off being bad at the game at one difficulty level and then master it, feel I have improved and then, possibly, up the difficulty level and try to master that.

Rather than being a reward, I feel that every upgrade I apply robs me of more and more of that sense of achievement I might have had when finally winning the game.

2. The inventory [and now I discover weapon selection shortcuts] pause the game.

I can't count the number of times this has saved my life, I get to consider the situation, manufacture and use consumables, all in my own time, no pressure, no stress, easy! But I still don't like it. It breaks immersion, lessens the impact of the action and generally slows things down.

I'd much prefer a set of effective keyboard shortcuts which allowed me to use ships systems, devices, weapons etc more effectively in real time than anything that paused the game. I could always retreat to a safe space to manufacture components [with an inventory which works in real time] if required.


  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Posts: 1,098Moderator, Space Cat
    Hey @indiebob ! Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

    Sounds like what you're looking for regarding number 1 is a similar mindset of the Hardcore mode in development. I, too, prefer temporary progression over permanent progression.

    Number 2 is a bit more tricky to tackle, though. While I also like to stay in the game, it would be very difficult to have such an assortment of equipment at the player's disposal without being able to filter through it all. If going into the crafting menu didn't pause the game, I think players would get frustrated with trying to work quickly, misclicking and not thoroughly understanding the systems in place.

    Pausing is a necessary evil in this regard, giving full control to the player, so they may understand what they have at their disposal and what they can do in the heat of the moment.

    What would you think of the menu being "slowed" instead of paused?
  • CocoCoco GermanyPosts: 14Supporter, Customer
    Well, I'm glad that opening the inventory pauses the game, because it takes some time to figure out what to build/upgrade and how to use your resources. If this wouldn't be possible without the danger of being attacked, I rather wouldn't care about doing it right and just build something, hoping that it turns out useful.
  • DeathpactDeathpact Posts: 29Member
    Well that is exactly what i regret about the game too. And in the end, i'm not playing anymore right now because, the roguelike feeling just isn't there right now. The feeling of a distinct Run is lacking right now. I hope Hardcore mode fixes this !
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